Charging cable

For all your devices the titan charging cable is the rope you deserve. Because nowadays almost all usb charging cables do not stand the test of time. This happens very often, they begin to fray and break, after only a short time, your cable will be lifeless! The solution exists with the Titan charging cable. The unbreakable and intelligent usb charging cable will give you the level of reliability you deserve! You now have a prestigious and lifetime charging cord. Solid, fast and safe, a lifetime charging rope essential for all your devices. We are distributing technology to our customers, titan is a very high quality products with a reasonable price. A prestigious cord accessible for IPhone, Android and devices. Enjoy titan today, our offer is 10$ off and free shipping. Get yours now!

Strong charging cable

charging cable strong

Yes, our charging cord is strong, it resists the scissors, the burn and the strength of a car. Our products are upscale and we deliver you a quality that you deserve. For happy customers who talk about it to their friends.

How strong is our cable?

Our charging cable and the reinforced head can withstand 1500 pounds of force, in case you need to tow a car. Is a revolution for everyone, the new technologie titan charging cable, we call it unbreakable because we build it high resistant materials. 5000 times durable resist bending test. Got yours today!

Why our cord is so strong?

Our cord is strong because we build it with a integrated technologie in kevlar and aramid fiber technology. The head who containing the titan technologie is hardly reinforced, to delivery you a lifetime charging cord. We call it unbreakable because our cable requires 65,000 pounds of force to break, that’s amazing! Finally a cord you can count on!

Fast charging cable

charging cable fast

Our cord is fast charging. Thanks to its integrated technology in the charging head, it adapts to the power of the manufacturer and optimizes the charging speed up to one hundred and eighty-seven percent.

How fast is the charge?

Ultra fast charging cable, charge your devices up 187% faster than others brands with titan charging cord connected to your phone or device. The charge is fast to compare it with official brand cord and ultra fast to compare with products on the market. It also depends on the battery of your phone that says you will get a load of legendary speed.

Why the charge is that fast?

The charge is ultra fast because we build it with 2.4A and a integrated circuit. A ultimate product compatible with iPhone, Android and devices. The charge is fast also because of the integrated chip who regulate the charge as you phone need. The speed of loading is due to titan technology.

Safe charging cable

charging cable safe

Yes, our cable is safe, thanks to its ic chip on the cord head that will adjust the temperature and the titan technology that knows which phones batteries are connected to allow a secure charging. Daily safety for your phone and devices.

How safe is our cable?

Charge your phone safely with the technologie integrated IC chip the Titan cable is supported by all devices! No need to worry about the ‘this is not supported’ error message with our cable! A high end product for kids and grown-ups. Try today the technologie world of Titan usb. Our target is to build a charging cable with a absolute security for our customers.

Why our cable is safe?

Our cable is safe because the smart charging technologie titan adjusts to the amperage of your phone’s battery. The IC chip will regulate the charge for a full safety when you plug your devices. Titan charging cable is safe! Choose from either Micro, Type C or iPhone USB cable, to match any and all your devices.

Why titan charging cable is the ultimate cord

Titan is a high-end charging cable at an affordable price. Titan usb charging cord is the perfect cord for your mobile because at the factory, we manufacture our products with high quality materials whether for the cord in Kevlar and aramid fiber or the electronic components like resistors or the titan Integrated circuit, titan charging cable head is also reinforced. Strong, fast and safe, we deliver a prestigious product at a reasonable price. Finally a cord you can count on! Titan is the ultimate charging cable but is also the lifetime cord you need for your phone and all your devices. A concentrate of technology as a whole. Because at titan we want to offer you the best, we have studied the problems of the products supplied with your device and we have corrected them to allow us to distribute the excellence of the charging cord.

Good for more than just charging

Titan charging cord can withstand 1500 pounds of force whether to tow a car, make push-ups, bring migrants to the borders or take a helicopter ride, on land at sea or in the air titan accompanies you everywhere. The legend tells that we saw the trump helicopter bring back migrants to mexico, thanks to titan usb. We offer ten dollars of discount and free shipping worldwide on every cable you order. Take advantage today as this offer ends with the depletion of inventory. Legend has it that before the promotion we saw a guy trying to sell his kidney so he could buy it. We offer ten dollars and free shipping worldwide! Check the product page and get yours now!

A phone cable for life

We have developed our charging cable for an incredible lifetime. Probably the only cable you will need for the life of your phone. It is essential for anyone wanting a very sturdy charging cable, which integrates fast charging technology and secure use! A wonder for any phone with a notch iPhone, Type-C or Micro USB. An ultra high-end product that makes it the best friend of your mobile phone. Sincerely designed for a lifetime twice as long as that of any phone cable.