The Titan charging cable android is an excellent cable for your Android phone. Whether type c or micro usb, the titan will make you feel the high-end product we developed. At titan android charging cord we have build the quality of charging cord you finally deserve! A android cord you can finally count on! Strong android cord because we have manufactured it with top of the line materials, cable in kevlar and aramid fiber and charging heads reinforced. Fast charge thanks to the ic chip with a high amperage who allow to charging your battery up to one hundred eighty seven pour cent faster than others cord brands.

charging cable android

An high end charging cable for android

Our Android charging cable is a marvel for your phone, we designed the titan cable
carefully with first of all an inspection on the official cables to allow us to find the flaws then say bring solutions. A spectacular product that has something to envy us! Reinforcement of wiring and charging heads in pvc by multiple layers. Beefy, clever and secure the cable than all android phone need. A charger for Android ultra high-end, made of components more than resistant and at the forefront of technology. Both smart and beefy a charger that we all desire for our mobile phone.

A android cord who no cost a kidney 

Our charging cord for android is the one who are strong fast and safe and available for everyone! We make it with high end component and also with a faire pricing to allow everyone to access it. Moreover today we propose a offer who discrease the pricing and a full free shipping worldwide with a tracked shipment. We hope you gonna test it, enjoy it and talk about to your family and friends. Get yours now, click on shop now button and access to our product page so you can choice your titan usb cable with a plug type c or micro usb.