Charging cable iphone

A famous iphone charging cable for your apple device. The Titan Smart Charging Cable for iPhone is the ultimate mobile cord. We have designed this product with top of the line components for a lifetime longer than the original rope. At titan charging cable we will deliver a high quality product manufactured minutely. We take every precaution to offer you a strong fast and safe product. Lifetime of our products for iphone is a revolution in the phone industry. State-of-the-art Titan technology gives you finally a rope you can count on!

charging cable iphone

Why our charging cable iphone is one of the best?

At factory we made the iphone charging cable with Kevlar and aramid fiber which makes it possible to withstand a pulling force of sixty five thousand pounds. The pvc load head is reinforced, which includes an intelligent printed circuit to manage the load in complete safety. Our rope is one of the best for your iPhone because we have studied cables apple and products of our colleague to find the flaws and finally deliver an ultimate product in terms of lifespan.

Charging cable strong fast and safe

Our charging cable is strong because we manufacture it with practically indestructible materials. It also incorporates a fast charge thanks to its two point four amperage. Ultimately the charge is secured by our smart titan technology chip that limits temperature and current throughout charging for a battery and a healthy phone.

A ultimate product but not expensive as you thinks

The Titan product are one of the best for your iphone yes that’s great but concerning the price is also great because we make it cheaper than apple original charging cable. At that times we offer a discount of 10$ and a free worldwide delivery. For you to enjoy the high end with a reasonable pricing. Our slogan, upscale accessible for everyone.