Charging cable micro usb

Titan provide a ultimate charging cable micro usb for all phones and devices with that kind of plug. We created a high end product, strong because the materials we choose to build the cable are kevlar and aramid fiber, so that we have obtained a rope able to resist up to six hundred and five thousand pounds. Fast charging because the integrated circuit and a 2.4A allow to charge up one hundred and eighty seven percent faster than official charger brands. Safe charge because the integrated circuit manage the intensity.

charging cable iphone

Why our charging cable micro usb is one of the best?

Our charging cord micro usb is one of the best because we studied the market to find failures on official cables. We noticed that the official cables, after a certain time of use, tapered or no longer gave the electrical contact that’s why we invented titan charging cable micro usb, while promising three criteria, beefy, fast and reliable. An ultimate charging cable that everyone can order. You can get yours now. Take advantage of our offer with ten dollars of discount and free shipping.

A lifetime cord for mobiles

We built titan with high quality materials and component to guarantee a lifetime cord able to tow a cars. More than a charging cable is a revolution in the mobile phone market. We designed titan by observing the original cables problems, we optimized it to delivery today a ultimate cord with top of the line manufacturing product.

Titan is a smart cord

Smart charging cord, thanks to the titan technologie with a integrated circuit, the load faults as the message “accessory not supported” we bypass it. The titan smart cord technologie is a ic chip on the heads cable and all component top of the line. A smart and robust cord for all your devices.