Titan charging cable samsung is an concentrate of technology for your samsung phone, whether for the plug in type c or micro usb, titan is here to bring you an ultimate product with a pricing accessible for everyone. Our product is very high-end thanks to its minitious manufacture. Our product is very high-end thanks to its minitious manufacture with professional products like the wiring which is manufactured with kevlar and the aramid fiber. Loading heads are build with triple pvc layer for optimal resistance. An integrated circuit is able to detect the type of batteries of your phone samsung to send the best impulses and to carry out a charge ultra fast.

charging cable samsung

one of the best charging cable for samsung 

Titan samsung charging cable is one of the best charging cord for samsung phone than you can find in the market. We build our product with three criterias strong fast and safe. Strong because we have been build our cord with high resistance material, fast as the fast charging are in charge with the 2.4A and safe as far as the titan technologie provide a IC chip integrated on the heads of the cable. An amazing cord for all your devices

The forever cord for your samsung

The one and last charge lead for samsung you will have to order. We designed our samsung cord for a lifetime use. Our cable withstands 1500 pounds of force, the heads are reinforced and the connector has titan technology. Owning the titan cable for your samsung is the guaranty of a lifetime charging cable samsung either type c or micro usb. We have designed for you the ultimate charging cord for your Samsung phone. We are proud to offer you a very high quality product with a practically unlimited life when compared with the cables of competitors. Enjoy our offer today, get ten dollars off and a free worldwide shipping.