The titan charging cord for iphone is an ultimate accessories for your iphone mobile! A charging cord for any iphone owner who desire to get a cable strong fast and safe. Finally a charging cord for iphone you can count! Strong as we manufacturing our cord with top of the line materials such Kevlar and aramid fiber moreover the heads are reinforced this allow to withstand one thousand five hundred pounds. Fast thanks to the technologie titan integrated with 3A, a fast charging cord. Titan cord is also very safe for your iphone because the integrated chip still manage the charging for a battery healthy.

charging cord for iphone

Smart iPhone charging cord

A smart charging cable for iphone. Most cord, especially the original Apple chargers, start to fray and break after a few months of normal use. Our fast charging cable and smart titan usb has been especially designed to provide solutions to these problems! Smart because the titan technologie is there to ensure you the charger you deserve! This incredibly practical charger is unbreakable. We tried to beat it, to cut it with knives, and even to put it on fire its resistance is foolproof. Regularly you like to play and watch shows or movies on your iPhone, you will appreciate the head of charge at 90 degrees. It is one of the best designed and most reliable charger in the market for iphone accessories.

The lifetime charging cord

Our loading rope is one of the last ones you will have to buy. A charging cord for life. Ultra beefy thanks to its design with high-end materials. A lifetime charging cord.

She come with a great pricing

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