Titan usb provide galaxy note 9 charging cable an ultimate and smart charging cable for samsung phones. We designed for all galaxy note with a plug type c an ultimate charging cable with smart technology. Solid, fast, secure and reliable a galaxy charging cord at your beck and call. Enjoy titan usb with your note 9 two four or six feet long, our cord has a load head at ninety degrees. A very high-end galaxy note 9 charging cable able to resisting up to one thousand five hundred pounds, to towing a vehicle, to chin, in extreme situations or just for charging your phone. Titan is the ideal accessories for your mobile.

galaxy note 9 charging cable

Our charging cable for note 9 is ultimate

Strong cable because we build it with high end products at factory, effectively the cord is manufactured with Kevlar and aramid fiber this allow to support until six hundred and eighty kilos either one thousand five hundred pounds! A cable for note 9 super resistant and time-proof.
The integrated chip will managing the charge to let your Samsung battery in perfect health. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have a 4000mAh battery and at titan usb we have make these information on our integrated chip, this allow to charging up faster than others brands while maintaining maximum security.

A magic charging cable for your samsung phone

This galaxy note 9 charging cable is magic we make it strong we make it fast charging and we make it safe for your mobile. Specially adapted to samsung note 9 our product have enough to warm the public, carefully manufactured titan is the cream of the crop disponible for all samsung type c cable. Once i know how to plug titan on my note 9 i know i stay safe. Make a order today, we offer a price discounted and free worldwide delivery. Get yours now!