Titan is the ultimate mi fast charging cable fitted with fast charging technology thanks to its intelligent integrated circuit for your mobile phone Xiaomi. The perfection of charge for your phone that is for a plug in type c or micro usb. A product filled with titan technology. Mi fast charging cable whether for a charge in micro usb or type c Titan usb cable charge  your phone with the fonction fast charge and securely.This is good news for cable phone enthusiasts with fast and high-end charging function. State-of-the-art technology that has taken years of work to study problems of the original cables and other brand, for example we managed to pass the message accessory not supported. Titan is here to offer you a truly exceptional cable.

mi fast charging cable

Xiaomi mi fast charging cord

Titan usb for Xiaomi with an fast charging cord technologie. Our charging cable is the one for your Xiaomi, fast strong and safe cord. A spectacular mi rope that has enough to warm the audience. Beautiful accessory for your mobile phone. Titan fast charging technology takes your battery charge one hundred and eighty seven percent faster than the competing brands the cream of the crop!

Why titan is one of the best cord for Xiaomi

Our charging cable for your phone Xiaomi is one of the best cable currently on the market because we studied minutiously other brand to finally deliver you a strong fast and safe mi charging cord. Only top of the line materials.

Our Xiaomi cable come with a cool price

Titan Xiaomi cable come with a cool price. Yes we give an amazing and high end charging cord but we also want our product to be accessible for every pocket. Enjoy our offer with ten dollars off and free worldwide delivery. Get yours now!