The note 10 charging cable titan is a concentrate of advantages in a cord Type-C. Especially designed for your samsung mobile. We have been build our product with top of the line materials. Our cable have a technologie build with Kevlar and Aramid fiber. The heads are reinforced with triple layers in pvc. We love our customers and want them to order what they deserve so we studied the others brands cables to find fails and finally build an ultimate and lifetime charging cable for note 10. We success to make disappear the message accessories not supported, thanks to our integrated chip in the cable head who know which kind of phone are plugged.


note 10 charging cable

Lifetime Samsung note 10 charging cable

Our note 10 charging cord is strong fast and safe. Strong because we build it with high end materials so the cable can resist up to one thousand five hundred pounds. Fast charging thanks to the two point four ampere who allow a fast charge cable. Safe due to the ic chip who recognize the battery and adapting to the asked power. Workout and tested to be the lifetime rope for charging your Samsung! The legend says that a fisherman used it for a bottom of the line, which allowed to catch a shark! Now you understand why the titan has enough to warm the audience.

Titan usb for samsung come with a good price!

We provide excellent and lifetime charging cord for samsung note 10 of course but we also want you to enjoy a great offer cos sincerely we would like you to let a good review and maybe be back for other devices. Eventually you can talk about it to your colleagues. So please enjoy it today our cord come with ten dollars off and a free worldwide shipping!