The Titan usb pixel 3 charging cable is the perfect charging cord for your google pixel 3 mobile! We have designed a cable type c for pixel 3, first of all ultra resistant, secondly it takes the fast charge and thirdly we have integrated a smart circuit which allows to adapt to the charging power of your battery. Titan usb for pixel 3 is the one! We can recognize than our pixel 3 cable have enough to warm the public, with his strong cord in kevlar and aramid fiber, the fast charging with two point four ampere and the safety ensured by a integrated chip who regulated the charging for a battery health. A product for your google phone that is ultra-efficient.

pixel 3 charging cable

The lifetime pixel 3 charging cable

An lifetime ultimate charging cord type c for Google pixel 3, we have build this type c charger for you to get the perfect cord for your google phone. We can be proud of our pixel 3 charger because it is designed to ensure you a maximum life compared to other official chargers and competing brands, ultimate cable and sustainable! Our product withstands pressures of one thousand five hundred pounds as it has been built with materials such as aramid fiber and kevlar in addition to that the load heads are reinforced with three layer pvc. The electronic components are also selected for optimum resistance for both shock and use.

Is not expensive as you thinks

One of the best way to charge your google phone but not empty your pockets. We especially make our cables with an pricing offer and a free worldwide delivery with tracking to ensure you a full satisfaction and we hope once you receive and test your cable than you will talk give us a review and talk about it around you. Get yours now!