titan usb

Finally a usb cable you can count on! At factory titan is manufactured with top of the line materials who allow us to provide a ultimate usb cable plugged to all your devices. The category of USB cable titan is one of the best available on the market, thanks to its resistant manufacturing materials A strong fast and reliable product available for you today. Our design of the 90 ° loading head makes it perfect for using your phone while it is plugged. Get yours without waiting.

titan usb charging cable

The titan charging cable is an amazing and ultimate usb cord for IPhone, Android, devices in type c and micro usb. Make sure you got one because this is the ultimate usb to get, at home or outside titan usb will care your phone and devices like a daddy take care his son. With thicker cables, this rope can withstand higher currents, offering an incredibly fast charging speed 187% faster than other major brands and official cable!

usb top of the line

Titan is a cable build with top of the line manufacturing materials. Our double braided fiber Kevlar and Aramid cable does not fray, wear or break! We call it unbreakable because we tested it to support a breaking force of sixty five thousand pounds. Amazing product on the charging cable market! The internal structure is designed to significantly strengthen the ends of the cables, this is where most cables tend to fail. Get your today we have an offer with ten dollars discounted.

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