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The Titan charging hub is an ultimate charging accessory for all your devices. Five port usb makes it an exceptional charger for any devices. With a fast charging titan technology and smart current distribution total 4A. The size of this station makes it a portable charger than you can transport anywhere! Equipped with a digital display and a usb smart charging chip to automatically identify a charging device, intelligent matching current scheme, rue 4A output current. Shortening charging time by 30% than a regular fast charging hub. A premium product which is made especially for use with our charging cable! Manufacture materials, PVC fireproof ABS and shockproof PC. Plug type United states of America, Europe and United Kingdom. Certification CE, FCC, RoHS. A superb loading tower made for the titan USB charging cable to plug in and charge all your devices. An amazing loading tower that thanks to its size is easily transportable in your bag. An exceptional charging hub where we have integrated titan technology to deliver you the charging tour you deserve! Strong, fast and safe the titan charging hub come with a good offer! With the titan hub you can get 1,2,3 mobile phones charged, insert a usb fan and a bluetooth earphone, is up to you. A very useful and efficient loading tower. If you have a lot of devices like phones, tablets, GoPro or just a big family, charging everything and recharging every day can quickly become annoying and uncontrollable. You end up with charging cords entangled. Quarrels between friends or in the family for those who monopolize all the loading points and even worse, devices that are not loaded because someone disconnected them, we understand you. There is only one way to end all that is stories. You need a Titan USB charging station or charging hub. Order yours today the Titan charging station with 20$ off and free worldwide delivery!

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