The titan unbreakable fast charging cable is an ultimate charging cord for all your devices. We have created an ultra high-end product with reinforced Kevlar and aramid fiber cabling. Our product withstands a printing pressure of over one thousand five hundred pounds. In addition to this, the loading heads have also been reinforced. The management of rapid charging is guaranteed by the technology titan thanks to its smart ic chip and a circuit point two four amps. All this to deliver you the ultimate cable that you ask for and deserve. a fantastic project that finally led. The titan unbreakable fast charging cable is strong fast and safe! Get yours now!

titan unbreakable fast charging cable

The unbreakable charging cable

It is called the unbreakable because it resists the burning of a blowtorch, scissors cuts, the nabbing of a car. The titan unbreakable fast charging cable is one of the best charging cord in the phone accessories market. We designed it with materials out of the common to make sure that you appreciate this rope load and consider it as an essential accessory for your phone. Titan is an essential accessory for your phone. Enjoy it today!

Fast charging technologie

The fast charging cable titan is integrated and managed by its ic chip that rises the charge to up one hundred and eighty seven percent faster than other brand. Titan is an great fast charge technology available with a plug for iphone, type c and Micro usb. Of course titan is the one you looking for!

A lifetime charging cord

Titan is a lifetime charging cord. We tested and designed our product it resist to five thousand times lasting withstand the bending test. Our phone accessories are upscale, an lifetime charging cable for all your devices. Finally a charging cable you can count on! Get yours today!