The Titan usb type c cable it’s a concentrate of technology for all devices with a plug Type-C. Two, four or six feet long we ensuring you a type c charging cable strong, fast and safe! Strong because its cable is reinforced with high-end materials. Fast charge supported by an integrated circuit and a fast wired load ensured by 3A. The safety of your battery in the hands of titan usb and you can trust us. We are proud of our cable like France is proud of its wine. An ultra high-end charging cable and we can recognize that it has enough to warm the audience. Get yours today! A marvel, the top of the accessory that will allow your phone to be charged in no time.

type c cable

Why titan type c cable is one of the best?

Titan type c cable is one of the best charging cable c you will find in the phone accessories market. First of all we studied the fails of others brands, to give you a example we success to bypass the message accessories not supported. Our type c cord is one of the best also because we use high end materials. Our product is strong, at the manufacture we build the cord with high resistant material who allow to withstand one thousand five hundred pounds! An amazing cable with the fast charge technologie thanks to an three ampere on the ic chip who charging some phone battery in 35 minutes. Safe charging with the titan technologie who manage and temperate your battery charge for a healthy phone!

Fast charging type c cable

Ultra fast charging cable type c with a 3A integrated chip and top of the line components. Manufactured with precision.
Today we offer you an ultimate charging cable. Take advantage of our offer. Get yours now!

He come with a great price

Titan come with a great pricing, we offer you an ultimate quality of accesories but we want also this come with an amazing price so on everyone can afford it, we make it ten dollars off and free worldwide delivery.